For The City

Love Manchester

We are a group of people who long to do the stuff that Jesus did. We believe that a love for others and a desire to express that in practical ways is a natural by-product of spending time with Jesus. We want to build a community that finds and understands the needs of the city and seeks to practically and compassionately respond to them. We want to be part of extending the hands and heart of Jesus to the city of Manchester and intend to be a church that gives a significant portion of our time, energy and money to reach beyond ourselves and help others.

The Van

We use a VW campervan as a mobile base to help us respond to many and varied needs across the city. The camper van enables us to put the ‘living room’ of the church on the streets of the city – open and accessible to everyone and anyone. It communicates love, warmth, acceptance and hospitality.

Child Poverty

Child poverty is a huge challenge in Manchester. God has pressed it on our hearts to respond. Once a month we ‘fill the van’. We have fill the van bags along with guide shopping lists for people to take away on Sundays. We use all that is donated to be able to respond to some of the most pressing needs of the city. We work with a number of local charities and partnerships to help us do this. You can find the latest shopping list here.

Jesus At The Door

We regularly mobilise teams to head out onto the streets of Manchester to share the life and truth of Jesus with the people we meet.

If you would like to get involved in reaching others, join in.

We're celebrating our third birthday on Sunday 29th September, find out more here