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We are a group of people who long to do the stuff that Jesus did. We believe that a love for others and a desire to express that in practical ways is a natural by-product of spending time with Jesus. We want to build a community that finds and understands the needs of the city and seeks to practically and compassionately respond to them. We want to be part of extending the hands and heart of Jesus to the city of Manchester and intend to be a church that gives a significant portion of our time, energy and money to reach beyond ourselves and help others.

422 Community Hub

Our community experiences some of the highest rates of poverty, not just in Manchester, but in the UK, and we seek to offer generous programmes, shaped by local voices to make meaningful change in our community.

In February 2019 we shared a vision to see a derelict building, just down the road from our Sunday venue, restored and renovated to become a welcoming hub for our community. After years of renovations and the installation of a lift, the building has been totally transformed.

Since August 2021, 422 has hosted activities run by Manchester Vineyard, such as a Community Cafe, Pantry and groups for children and their parents and carers. Other local groups and charities also hire spaces to offer activities that boost well being, practically meet local needs and offer expert support and advice to help our community thrive.

Get Involved

You are invited to get stuck in! One of the best ways to support our programmes in 422 is by donating items to the 422 Pantry. Our member families and individuals are invited each week to help maximise their income.

See our Amazon Pantry Wishlist to get items delivered straight to 422, or check out the latest shopping list!

We run regular volunteer-led groups throughout the week. Take a look at our most recent volunteer opportunities here

Our Community

We have spoken with many people in our community to gather ideas and hopes for 422. We have had hundreds of doorstep conversations and hosted pop-up consultations in Longsight Library and McDonalds.

During a focus group, local school children reflected on the headlines that child poverty was rampant in our city, and that some families have to choose between eating or heating their homes. They discussed the change they would love to see:

“[We need] a place for young kids to enjoy, like a youth centre where you can discuss your struggles and where you can talk about things that can help you, have fun and learn. There needs to be shops where food doesn’t cost too much for families who are struggling and if they can’t pay their rent and bills.”


For families or individuals experiencing poverty, whether through joblessness, chronic low income or physical or mental illness, this can create immediate practical challenges, as well as feelings of hopelessness, isolation and anxiety.

We plan to see hope restored and a community transformed through the 422 Community Hub.

Tackling social isolation and promoting resilience within the community.

Alleviating the financial burden on families to provide for basic needs

Supporting and equipping people to break the cycle of poverty.

Tackling social isolation and building community was one of the most prominent themes to come out of conversations with our community. Having an affordable cafe space, free groups to join and a warm space for activities is a priority.

By practically providing through programmes like a Community Cafe and Pantry, we hope to be able to alleviate some of the pressing needs people face.

Whether through providing opportunities, boosting confidence, physical and mental well being or being a space our community can be proud of, we seek to not only meet immediate needs, but help loosen the grip of poverty on our community for the long term.


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