Sunday Morning Gatherings – in person

After 78 weeks of not being together on Sundays, we are delighted that we finally have the opportunity to meet together in person this coming Sunday!  

We just wanted to mention a couple of things…

Firstly, not everyone will be comfortable coming back just yet and that is totally fine. We want to open the door for those who are ready, but we will also stream online. We will be streaming live from the room, so there may be more technical challenges, but it means that whether in person or online, we can all be ‘together’.

This hopefully goes without saying, but if you are not well or are displaying any of the known signs of Covid please do not attend any in person gatherings (as per government guidance/ regulations). 

Secondly, we wanted to give you an idea of what to expect. We do not require you to sign up or wear a mask (although you are most welcome to, should you feel more comfortable doing so). Please be assured we have, and continue to, liaise closely with our venue to ensure we create the most responsible and respectful environment to host you during this season. We have put time and consideration into the most appropriate seating layout, ventilation and refreshments etc.

Our kids teams will be functioning as normally as possible, and we are delighted to say, we will be launching our very first crèche (6 months +).

We’ve always said that when we return to in-person gatherings, we would seek to do so safely, honourably, prayerfully and quickly, and we believe that these four things are now aligning.

We are so excited and expectant to worship Jesus together!

With love,

Paul & Steph

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