Sundays at 422

There is a short video here that will explain why we are doing this and who we are seeking to prioritise. 

We are delighted to provide opportunities for people to join us at 422 to help with the many things that need doing such as painting, sorting, cleaning etc

We would encourage anyone who takes part in this, and is able to, to catch up with online Sunday content later.

This is not a replacement, it’s just another step on the journey of coming back together.

We will still be doing online church and we hope that the majority of people will continue to engage with that in the way that they are currently. Please be aware due to the nature of this and physical distancing we are needing to significantly reduce the number of people who can join us for this.

Not only do we need to ensure we are in the building as safely as possible with regards Covid-19 but also given that the building itself is in the process of going through renovation and health and safety therefore generally is paramount. As such we cannot at this time allow children to join in with this.

We have put in place a number of measures to ensure the building and any who join us are safe.  Please be aware that we will be restricting the number of people in each room.

You can sign up to join us here each week  we will release a sign up for the following Sunday.

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