The Love Manchester Van


We want to be part of extending the hands and heart of Jesus to the city of Manchester and intend to be a church that gives a significant portion of our time, energy and money to reach beyond ourselves and help others.

Fill the Van

We are seeking to practically and compassionately respond to the needs of our city by giving much-needed items to families facing poverty and finding creative ways to serve and love Manchester.

We have created shopping lists for people to take with a bag. The idea is that you add a few of these items to your weekly shop to fill up your bag. You can find the latest shopping list below or on a Sunday. Bring your bag back on the first Sunday of the month, when we will have the van parked up to literally fill the van. We’d love for you to be a part of it!

Whilst we will distribute some of the items ourselves through our own practical projects and giveaways, we are also working with local organisations to ensure these items reach the people and families that need them most.

Filling a bag is also a great way to involve your neighbours, colleagues and friends. You can share a bag and shopping list with anyone. It’s a great way to share who we are and why we are here in this city.

Join the Van

We intend to build teams around various projects and needs. We also hope to use the van to rapidly respond to needs that arise around the city.

We intend to take the van into the city at a regular time each month to enable us to build teams. This might be a giveaway, healing on the streets or at a music or food festival etc. The van and team will be going out every 3rd Saturday of the month.

To join in or find out more you can contact the team here:

The van isn’t a ministry, it’s a tool, and we can’t wait to see the creativity God will birth among us as we step out to love and serve the people and city of Manchester.

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