Christmas Fill The Van

Parents of more than half of the children in our city cannot afford the essentials this Christmas, let alone the luxuries many of us will be indulging in. Help us to the fill the van with both necessities and treats for local families at each of our Sunday gatherings in December:
– Cereals
– Tinned meat (halal where possible)
– Tinned veg & tomatoes
– Pulses (dried chana dhal, lentils, chickpeas)
– Tinned fruit
– Long life milk
– Coffee
– Toilet roll
– Shampoo & shower gel
– Toothbrushes & toothpaste
– Deodorant
– Ladies sanitary items
– Chocolates and biscuits
– Rice pudding and long life desserts
– Long life juice
– Hot chocolate
– New toys for children
If you’d like to give financially so that we are able to meet needs in the community as we hear of them please visit:

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