Building For The Future – Vision 2022

On Sunday 6th March we shared the vision talk for 2022, as well as celebrating the countless, glorious things that the Lord has done in and through the people of Manchester Vineyard. If you missed it, we highly recommend that you catch up! You can watch it here.

So, just to recap, we are increasingly sensing the nudges of the Holy Spirit to step out in faith, once again, to create something that does not depend on us and will long out-live us. Church growth, development, reaching and spreading across the city was always part of the God-given blueprint for this church. So, in order to be faithful to the vision God gave us from the very beginning, and based on what He’s asking of us now, we are going to do two things…

Firstly, we intend to plant more small groups. We’ve always done this, but now there needs to be a gear change, in order to plant groups increasingly and intentionally across Greater Manchester. Our dream would be to see small groups planted in and across the individual boroughs of Greater Manchester.

Secondly, we believe it’s time to start looking into options for renting or buying our own facility to support and accommodate our growing and expanding needs and vision. With kids’ stuff, youth gatherings, worship rehearsals, Alpha, outreach, leaders’ training and equipping, the need for office space and so on, we need a facility to help ease the various infrastructure challenges we are facing.

As such, we have opened a ‘Building for the Future’ fund and next Sunday (13th March), we’ll do a one-off gift day.

As with everything we’ve done so far, we intend to give 15% of everything that comes in to things that don’t directly benefit us as a church. As a church, we have a long-standing partnership with Albania. One of the churches we support, in a place called Saranda, has recently lost its funding and we cannot not respond. They are at risk of losing their church building. It’s our intention, on the back of this giving day, to make a three-year commitment to them to help cover their costs and enable them to continue meeting.

As we seek to secure a facility here for MV, we always long to bless others. This will cost us, but we have a huge part to play in the unfolding story and spread of the gospel and furtherance of what the Lord is doing in this church, across this city and indeed the world. We choose generosity and trust that God has got our backs! It’s just another faith step.

This isn’t about amount equal amounts, it’s about equal sacrifice – a response from the heart, to stand in faith again for the next leg of the race that is marked out for us. As ever, we don’t give out of obligation or pressure, we give out of overflow and a desire in our hearts for the Lord to move. As is always the case, we want to be clear that we, personally, won’t know what anyone gives, we will just ask the finance team to let us know who gives, so that we are able to thank people.

So, just to be clear, is this vision for the coming years just about a building? No. This is about infrastructure, to develop culture, to fulfil vision. We don’t want to create an audience in the church, we want to build an army to reach and serve the city, continually creating spaces for people to be involved, raised up and sent out.

We’d love you to join us!

You can give online here or by bank transfer (the preferred option as it’s fee free):
Lloyds bank
Account name: Manchester Vineyard
Sort code: 30-90-91
Account number: 67880768
Reference: BFTF

In faith, we go again!

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