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First Sunday Gathering: Our Story

If you missed Paul & Steph sharing their story at the first Sunday Gathering, you can watch it [here]

Exploring Faith or Know People Who Are?

We are delighted to launch Alpha. Are you exploring faith or know people who are? #TryAlpha Find and share all the details [here].  

This Sunday

This is it! We launch our first Sunday Gathering this week – 25th September. We really hope you can join us! Find all the details [here].

The last Friday before Sundays

We can’t wait to meet together for the last Friday before we start our Sunday gatherings. We hope you can join us. Find all the details [here]

Sundays are coming…

We are delighted to announce the start of our Sunday Gatherings! You can find all the details on the main part of the website called ‘Gatherings’ [here]